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Attendance Policy For HIS Co-op

HIS Co-op was created to be a support tool for home educating parents and to provide a location and organization for the families to participate in as well as volunteer.  It takes many volunteers for the co-op to fulfill its purpose.

Attendance Policy
HIS Co-op participants may be removed without notice from a class roster after THREE (3) absences without proper notice or contact with LCHE Leadership.  Parents are responsible for contacting leadership when absences occur.  Parents who keep leadership in the loop do not risk removal from class rosters without notice.  Parents are responsible for notifying the teachers they help of absences, and teachers are responsible for finding a substitute for missed classes.

If your family is unable to continue to participate with HIS Co-op classes, please let Leadership know so the class rosters may be updated to allow space for new students.

Reviewed and Approved July 2023